Make Up Blog: Deferral

The discussion of time gets irresolute and I’ve often come to the terms that the ongoing filter of the world is in the process of deferral. The consolidation of capitalism and American culture are products of it. These entities were both in play in the style of Don’t Let Me Be Lonely. The negative space, television, and footnotes hinted at the dynamo of American culture and its environment.

The negative space is ironically an active and co-creative space. The blocks of text echo with blocks of space, and comes to create the same feeling of left-behindness inherent in language discussed by Dr. Epstein earlier in the course. The television is static and the irony is unsettling in the fact that we as viewers are ok with both the permanence and indifference of television. Disney, fantasy, and internet subculture can all be deemed illusion and American society is ok with that. The sacred and validated has been removed because of the speed and universality of voice, opinion, and change. This, to me, is indicative that the let-behindness isn’t limited to only language but has managed to evolve and spread to culture. The footnotes are the detritus of the things we didn’t have to experience. The result and fact of life were predicted to become irrelevant by Rankine and in the end were prophetic.

The two words that I cannot get out of my head from this course are “deliberate lure.” It’s how Olsen describes Helga. The words are commodifying an individual for a third and independent party’s purpose. The words and culture have been consolidated in America to meet deferrel and its momentum. It manages to promote a peripheral lack of confidence. But I immediately lose care. The aesthetic and repetition of the words “deliberate lure” itself inundates culture and its forced diffidence. That has to be only my bias in preferring form over meaning.



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