Hopefully there is no way out

In search of failure

 What comes after hope?

Alternatives in words

Cynical resignation

Naïve optimism


A grammar of possibility

Traps and entrapment of binary formulations

Dark and negative realm

Of critique and refusal, knowing and unknowing


Dwelling in the modes of reasoning

The meaning of one depends upon the meaning of the other

Texture of sensibilities and attachments

Endemic to a tradition


Dislocating the certitudes of one’s own projections

Modes of conversation rather than mastery

Opposition to incarcerated knowledge

Undermining from within, erasure rather than inscription


Twists and turns through knowledge and confusion

Seeking to involve rather than explain

Getting lost together, no one gets left behind

Hopefully there is no way out


Failure equals Success plus or minus an Error term

As Error arbitrarily approximates Zero

In the Limit Failure and Success become indistinguishable Impostors

Treat triumph and disaster just the same . . . become a Man


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